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This is really something Exciting!!!

You have the ability to advertise among the giants!
Regardless of the size of your operation, you have an equal footing, regardless of size or location.

AND .. you get to choose how much you want to pay.

addwordsYes, It is a bit complicated, but if you want to "get on running your business", then ETWebs is here to manage your Online advertising.

But the basics are, your ADVERTISEMENT will appear on Google search pages that are relevant to what the person searched for, AND, in the geographic area that they searched!

Why is this good, Well... it means that your add will only appear for people that are searching for your goods or services.

AND.. If they click on your Add, it 100% hit rate. ie: that customer must have been interested in your advertisement in order to have clicked... AND !! that is the only time you pay anything.

So, you pay a few cents, to sell to someone, who is already buying!!

We are happy to give you a demonstration, but actions speak, so for a minimal setup cost, we will run some adds that will cost you less than ONE advertisement in a trade publication! Of course you must have a website and email address.


Pay per click advertising. Guaranteed results! The people that click on your add are ready to buy... result.. ready made customers.

- Kevin Graham

"I really didn't think it could be this easy. Owen and staff saved me thousands of dollars on other advertising, and I get better results!."

- Nancy Goodman


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