Google +

GOOGLE+ is DEAD... As of April 2019, Google shut down Google+

I've left the historical info below, and while most of it is available in one form or another, Google+ was a great way of marketing.. especially to Google :-)


That's right - More free stuff....

Google very kindly give you a free landing page with a place to put contact details, a Gmail account, a very handy Calendar, Contact List and even an Online Storage Drive.
AND .. It will all sync to your Android Mobile phone.

Contacts... Lose your phone... all your contacts are still on the Web... just import then into your new phone.

Calendar... Share your appointments with the rest of the family.

Gmail... Just use it on your phone or forward mail to it when you are away.

Drive.... If you need access to documents while away from your business, just stick them on the cloud.

Web Page.... Link it to your own domain web site to bring in customers.