Organic Listing

Organic listings are listings in search engines that the BOT has found on it's own accord.
That means that it is not a paid for ad, and generally, it's the type of listing that users will click on.

FREE ADVERTISING! Provided you can get on the first or second page of listings. Most users will not go any further than that.

Problem! ... Your website needs to be attractive to the Search engine BOT so that your web pages get a high ranking.
The algorithm used by the BOTS does change, so ETWebs at times will suggest changes and upgrades to your website.
Your website needs to be designed to maximise it's page ranking and it's called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).... and thats a subject for a whole new page.

Just as an example, Google announced that unless your web site is suitable for tablets and mobile devices, not just your home computer, you WILL lose page ranking.
All new sites made by ETWebs use responsive templates that will display well on all mobile devices.