Entry Level

We want to encourage people to try the internet for their business.
What we offer here is something that you can "dip your toe in the water."
It's less than an Add in a trade publication and yet has a world wide audience.

It will at least let you find out about how easy it can be, and maybe even get some really good results.

So our Web Startup Package for businesses in the MidNorth ONLY, $295 will get you...

  • Your Domain name Registration
  • 4 Web Pages
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • Hosting for 1 Year

Why just for locals?? Well we like to come and look at your business, see what you are selling, figure out your market and see what you have done previously. THEN we can look at how we can use the online tools to sell to your intended audience. Our goal is to get people that are looking for your service or products to be able to find you.