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Joomla (2005) was born from Mambo (2001)

Funny names for what was then ground breaking technology. Mambo has since ceased to exist.

Joomla is a Content Management System that is the backend of most of the web sites we build. It enables us to use a uniform structure that we know very well to construct your web site and keep it maintained. Basically it manages a database that holds the information that you want on your site. Rather than writing code, the Joomla CMS sends the code to your computer as WWW pages. This is what allows Responsive web sites, which means that the pages can be delivered to Mobile devices in a different layout to computers.



SEO - Get your site noticed!

When we build your website, we "do things" to make it attractive to the WEB BOT crawlers. And we are not going to tell you what those things are.

We live by our reputation that LOCAL businesses are listed on Google Page 1.
WE have developed techniques over the years, and stayed up with the changing algorithms in order to maximise the exposure of the websites we make. 

If you want your website on page one, and you are in a competitive business, SEO in some places can be towards $5,000, but we include it in our low monthly management fee.

I like what I see! I want to JOIN TODAY.

Web Design is the art of putting what you want your potential customers to see on the WWW.  

Unless you want something specific, we use Joomla CMS (Content Management System) on our own VPS (Virtual Private Servers).
This can greatly decrease your cost of development and gives the possibility of expansion through Add on Modules.


There are LOTS of pitfalls when choosing a hosting provider. And as with most things in life, NO FREE LUNCH.

So $10 a month sounds affordable right, but it is a waste of money if your intended customers won't look at it!

Tricks.... you bet .. like..

  • Popup Adds over your webpage
  • Hidden links to advertisers
  • Security issues on old software
  • Low bandwidth to the Internet Backbone 

And if you think that the authorities will be able to look after you best interests, well, that just can't happen when the hosting/harvesting/driveby actually ends up in an unregulated country.

 So, ETWebs provides secure hosting, on our own VPS, located in Australian Datacentre centres. If something goes wong... it's usually not our fault, but at least we can fix it, rather than you hanging on the end of a phone queue... get the picture?


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