cloud hosting

OUR SERVERS To keep costs to a minimum, your site is on a shared I.P, which in many cases is not a good thing. The reason is that you don't know who you are sharing with, and they may not be as diligent as you are about security. BUT, by being hosted on an ETWebs VPS, I personally know every site that is on there. If there is a problem, we can react quickly!

our security

OUR SECURITY Sites do get hacked! We take security very seriously. Some say too much so. If you get your password wrong 5 times, you are locked out for 24 Hours. We WILL force you to use secure passwords but give you a way to remember them. Running in the background, ClamAV, SpamAssasin, cPHulk Brute Force Protection.. Never say never, but we try our best.

our speed

OUR ADVANTAGES Why are we FASTER? Right on the internet Back Bone. That's right, not some cheap ass hosting on a foreign server with thousands of users. We are talking about a Sydney Data centre, right here in Australia......  Right where your customers are!  So when someone searches for an Australian website... there we are, right under their nose!

GOOGLE  We make no secret that we go for Google 100%..... Really ..... That's where the searches come from and how people find you business. We have been around long enough to have collected our own statistics, and there is no doubt. If you are not on Google, you are going to miss out. So our main affiliate on the Web is Google - Adwords, Adsense, SEO, Page ranking......